Travelling by Bus from Jakarta to Jepara: The best way to Commute!

Take a vacation to enjoy the beauty of nature in all forms. You can choose between beaches or mountain. Which one do you prefer? If you are a beach lover, I would recommend these two places for you to escape and take a quick break from your daily way of life. Moreover, you can just spent a good time in exploring Jakarta and travel to Jepara by bus, where one can soothe their souls with the impeccable islands and beaches. Just book a bus to Jepara and enjoy the crystal clear waters and environment, which makes everyone want to spend their precious holidays here. There are 2 bus companies operating in these two cities, namely Agra Mas and Nusantara. The travel duration is approximately 11-12 hours, depending on what time your departure starts. The earlier, of course, gets faster because the streets are not so crowded.

For those of you who only have very little time while the Monday meeting is waiting for you to return, don’t worry because Jakarta has a beach that is suitable for your short escape. That is precisely on Pramuka Island, which is a part of the Thousand Islands. The island consists of sharks and Hawksbill sea Turtles. These Hawksbill sea Turtles are critically endangered species, which must be protected and preserved so they are saved from becoming extinct.

Activities at Jepara: Fresh sharks that bred here are not at all dangerous and for those of you who want to play with baby sharks, you can get the permission from the owner of the place. You can even breed Hawksbill sea Turtles until they are ready to be released in the sea. In addition, you can bike, swim and snorkel. After taking up all the exciting activities, you can stay and rest as there are rentals provided by local residents here.

The ones who opt for a longer holiday can travel outside of Jakarta and visit Jepara. It is a perfect travel destination suitable for all ages! Do not miss the Karimun Jawa Islands in Jepara. If you are from Jakarta and prefer travelling by road, it would be recommendable to opt a public bus transportation because you will not feel tired compared to using a private car. Of course you can sleep during the trip and get rid of tour fatigue after arrival!

Karimun Jawa has white sand that makes you feel at peace and you can take a walk or just enjoy a sun bath while lying on this exotic beach sand. Or do you want to play at sea? Scuba diving and snorkelling in the sea of Karimun Jawa, you can see the charm that holds a tremendous marine biodiversity, it will certainly amaze you. You can also take pictures with more than 200 species of fish while enjoying the special colours of their coral reefs. When night falls, you are obliged to enjoy seafood that many locals sell at cheap prices. They are of course delicious!

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